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Hotel Motard in Maulaucene

At the foot of Mont Ventoux

The hotel "Domaine des Tilleuls" is located in Malaucène, on the road to Mont Ventoux, it is the ideal place to stay to discover the landscapes of the Bald Mountain. Every self-respecting motorcyclist must make the pilgrimage of Mont Ventoux, who would not like to challenge the curves of Mont Ventoux with his bike?

The strong point of our hotel is its proximity to the giant of Provence, the setting of the establishment is charming and seductive, its two car parks closed at night secure your motorbikes or cars. Emblem of the Vaucluse, the Mont Ventoux is a must-see in the region, it is a challenge for any motorcyclist.  Lovers of engines, whether by motorbike or car, climbing Mont Ventoux is a dream come true to challenge the mythical road of the Bald Mountain.

If you are a motorcycle club or a group of friends with a passion for speed, roar and mythical passes, and you are looking for a hotel near Mont Ventoux that welcomes groups, the "Domaine des Tilleuls" hotel is the ideal place to stay during your motorbike trips.

Hotel highlights

Direct access to Mont Ventoux: Located on the myhique road of the Mont Ventoux, leave directly from the hotel to survey the giant of Provence.
Secure parking (closed at night)
Preferential rates to enjoy the Spa located 600 meters from the hotel: "Spa Ventoux Provence".
Rooms equipped with television and unlimited Wifi.
Large park with trees and outdoor swimming pool (in season).


Malaucene, capital of motorcycling and tourism

Malaucene lives to the rhythm of the roar of motorbikes with the various gatherings organised by the Avignon motorbike club. For these events, more than 100 bikers are expected to come to Malaucène to ride around the area and the Mont Ventoux. These activities are practiced on open roads without looking for speed or average speed, and in the respect of the highway code.

The Moto Club d'Avignon often organises the final of the French Motorcycling Federation's Touring Championship and the Provence Touring League Championship in Malaucène. A 69 km ride around the Ventoux is planned outside the championship to enjoy the beautiful panoramas offered by the surroundings.

The VTC "Ventoux Trial Classic" takes place every year in Malaucene

The VTC "Ventoux Trial Classic" is the mythical trial event of the past, motorbike trial enthusiasts will be delighted to participate in this sporting event.

Mont Ventoux & motorcyclists

Car lovers will love to challenge the curves of the Géant de Provence

Nicknamed the Giant of Provence or the Mont Chauve, Mont Ventoux is the highest point in the Vaucluse. It is a mythical pass, well known to motorcyclists and car lovers. It is a place that lives up to its reputation, you must climb Mont Ventoux at least once in your life with your car. The sensations and the spectacle at the top are worth the diversions. You will be charmed by the magnificent lunar landscape that the summit of Mont Ventoux offers, the bottom is in the shade protected by the forest.

Sometimes tourists passing by look at the Ventoux and find it incredible that there is snow on the summit in the middle of summer! Of course, it's not flakes that have fallen in the night, but the top of the mountain covered with pebbles. The Giant of Provence and its contrasting landscapes make for breathtaking views. You have to see it for yourself to realise this.