Cryotherapy in Malaucene, Vaucluse

At the Spa Ventoux Provence - Full body Cryotherapy

A wellness experience at 140°C

Whole-body cryotherapy aims to create a thermal shock, i.e. to lower the body temperature to a maximum in a minimum of time. The absence of humidity allows the body to withstand such a temperature. After the session, a feeling of well-being is guaranteed, as the thermal shock allows the body to release endomorphin hormones that make us feel good.

Cryotherapy is a well known and widely used method in the sports world for better muscle recovery. Cryotherapy for the whole body and its benefits is finally open to everyone.


Benefits of Cryotherapy

- Promote physical recovery: After their training, athletes enjoy a session of cryotherapy, nothing like the cold to revive the body and relieve aches.

- Soothe and calm inflammatory pain: relieves arthritis, arthrosis, tendonitis...

- Stimulates blood circulation: the cold tightens the small vessels, which specialists call vasoconstriction, a phenomenon immediately followed by vasodilation in response. This variation gives a boost to the blood circulation aimed at relieving the sensation of heavy legs and oedemas.

Procedure for a Cryotherapy session

First you will have to put on your underwear or swimming costume. You will then be equipped with protection to protect your extremities which are more sensitive to the cold (gloves, socks and fangs). You will then enter the chamber, your body is immersed in it, only your head is outside (no feeling of confinement even for the claustrophobic, the device is wide). Our trained and qualified practitioner stays with you during the session. A session lasts 3 minutes.


Malaucene in Vaucluse

You can try whole body cryotherapy at the Spa Ventoux Provence in Malaucène. The centre is equipped with a state-of-the-art machine made in France. The village of Malaucène is located at the foot of the Mont Ventoux in the Vaucluse. 

The Vaucluse is a department of the Provence Alpes Côtes d'Azur region, and the Spa Ventoux Provence is one of the few places where you can try cryotherapy.